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plot points: a fake blog

in which our hero loses her battle against adverbs

colleen lindsay
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Plot Points is maintained - for good or for ill - by Colleen Lindsay (aka La Gringa). It is mostly personal and thus is mostly friends-locked. Holler if you want to be added to my friends list.

La Gringa is an unrepentant nerd who spent most of her formative years hiding beneath the blankets with a flashlight and a book. Sadly, this did not bode well for the development of her future social skills. As a consequence, La Gringa has now worked in the book and publishing industry for more than twenty-six years. (This means, of course, that she has been on intimate terms with Top Ramen and boxed mac & cheese since 1984.)

More things to bear in mind about La Gringa: She does not believe in clothes that need dry cleaning. She owns seven pairs of Converse All-Stars in varying colors. She has an irrational fear of gelatinous foods. And she can be bribed with Scharffenberger Extra Dark Chocolate, a pound of Peets Coffee or a choice single malt. La Gringa once got locked inside the Sistine Chapel quite by mistake (which Vatican security did not think was nearly as funny as she did). Her reading tastes tend to run toward the skiffy and criminal and the literary and the queer, with the occasional baffling foray into history. (Go figure.)

She lives in New York City with her cat, Stinkyboy, and Stinkyboy’s cat, Buddy.

Currently La Gringa works in the business development department at Penguin Group (USA).